We're Lisa and Lindsay, the duo behind Turner Photography, and we specialize in beautifully simple, natural-light photography. Our fun-loving & relaxed approach to photography will leave you with a smile - on your face and our cameras! We'd love to chat about scheduling a session with you.


Meet Lisa

Born & raised in Tennessee, Lisa grew up enjoying the innate beauty of the area, a passion reflected in the natural lighting & simplicity of her photographs. Her love of photography began as she learned to develop her own film & photos in a dark room. That love has blossomed through the endless artistic possibilities within digital photography.

As a mother of two, Lisa has learned firsthand the importance of capturing irreplaceable moments & the value of an excellent photograph.

"If there is one goal in mind during photo sessions, it's to capture the realness of the relationship before me. If I can make our client relaxed enough to have a true smile, hug or laugh, then I've accomplished what I set out to do."


Meet Lindsay

Lindsay has an incredibly creative spirit and a gift for seeing the individuality in those around her. Photography has been a natural addition to her creative repertoire. Her attention to detail and easy-going disposition helps relax clients during shoots - and if they weren't already a childhood friend, they leave feeling as if they were.

Lindsay's three growing boys are constant reminders of how quickly time passes and the treasure of a moment captured on camera. 

"As I get older, I'm more aware that time is fleeting, but capturing even the smallest of moments keeps that time from being totally stolen from us."